Winstrol-Lite 10mg


CLASSIFICATION: Anabolic Steroid
DOSAGE: 20-50 mg/day
HBR: Perhaps
MANUFACTURER: Beligas Pharmaceuticals
WAREHOUSE: International Warehouse 5
SUBSTANCE: Stanozolol

  • Winstrol-Lite 10mg


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      Winstrol-Lite 10mg


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      Product Overview

      Winstrol-Lite 10mg, whose active ingredient is Stanozolol, is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. It has a methyl group at carbon 17alpha, whose function is to protect the hormone during oral delivery and a pyrazole group. In addition to that, it also replaces the 3-keto group in the A-ring (which gives Stanozolol the chemical classification of a heterocyclic steroid). Modifying Stanozolol’s A-ring increases its anabolic efficacy and decreases its androgenicity compared to 17-alpha-methyl dihydrotestosterone. 

      How it works?

      Stanozolol has been used to help HIV patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease lose weight and gain muscle. Stanozolol improves collagen fusion in vitro. Winstrol Stanozolol improves wound healing in non-healing patients. Clinical studies show that taking Stanozolol during chemotherapy prolongs cancer-free remission. These are just a few of the many reasons why many buy steroids USA like Winstrol-Lite 10mg.

      Proper Use and Dosage

      Winstrol-Lite 10mg is best for persons with intermediate fat and bulk. Winstrol 10mg tablets should be taken daily at 30-50mg, or 3-5 tablets. Beginners need 20mg, whereas cycles last 5-8 weeks. Post-cycle treatment normalizes hormone levels.


      The Winstrol steroid is the second-most common oral steroids for sale in bodybuilding (after Dianabol). It’s insufficient for a mass-gaining cycle because it doesn’t impact body weight, but it’s employed during drying cycles. Winstrol-Lite 10mg’s popularity stems from its ability to enhance muscle definition, strength and endurance, as well as burn fat, increase appetite, remove excess fluid from the body, and increase the effectiveness of other steroids.

      Side Effects

      Despite being an anabolic steroid, the Winstrol 10mg tablets have androgenic side effects. 

      Some of which include oily skin, acne, and facial hair growth. Anabolic-androgenic steroids increase male hair loss and can virilize women. 

      This modification protects the medication against liver inactivation, allowing more to enter the bloodstream after oral delivery. Overexposure to Hepatotoxic anabolic-androgenic steroids can cause liver damage.

      Where to buy Winstrol Online?

      Get your hands on Winstrol-Lite 10mg when you buy steroids online from a steroids shop like Finest Gears. Here, we have a wide range of products that will help you achieve the bodybuilding results you so desire.

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